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The government under the Allocation of Business Rules, 1961 had begun the GeM in 2017. The main objective of the GeM is to ensure transparency, efficiency and promptness in the procurement of supplies. With well more than 3+ year experience in GeM Vendor-Seller Portal Management Guided by Industry Leading Market Consultants & "Institute of Government Accounts & Finance - Govt. of India (INGAF, Kolkata)", appointed GeM training faculty ; is the “GeM Guru - CLIQUE”, who can help setting your small & medium sized local business to grow or to start by systematic preparation of documentations for GeM Portal Registration & further more enriching of your GeM profile by MSME/Start-up India Registration, product uploading; preparing yourself in receiving orders via GeM Successful Delivery of GeM Ordered Products Collection of Payments; BID/RA participation & last but not the least "SPEEDY COLLECTION OF GOVERNMENT PAYMENT"

Benefits to Sellers on GeM Registration

• Assistance in trade

All Government departments including Central, State Government and PSUs have to fulfill their purchase requirement only through sellers registered under the GeM portal. GeM registration has a great avenue for private companies' business growth.

• Direct Government Purchase

Traders can sell their products of value up to ₹25,000/- at fair prices directly to the government buyers without bidding or reserve auction just like amazon and Flipkart.

• Special Benefits for Startups & MSME

Option are present during GeM registration to register as a startups on the GeM portal having unique & innovative product. The government has relaxed norms to procure goods from new Startup entrants as well as previously registered MSME certified vendors.

• Less paperwork

GeM registration is completely paperless. Moreover, there is an easy and fair process for tender allotment under the GeM portal, resulting in paperless office concept.

• Transparency

With online GeM portal transparency, effectiveness, and speed have been enhanced during the procurement of required goods and services.

Benefits to Buyers on GeM Registration

• Buying Online

Under the GeM portal all Government departments including Central, State Government and PSUs will search and procure all goods & services on GeM portal and can enjoy flipkart & amazon like online buying experience. with added functionality like blocking required funds from PFMS directly.

• Transparency

On the GeM portal, there is much transparency, effectiveness, and speed in the procurement of supplies which means that there’s fair trade. Even buyers cannot see the seller's name until ordering process is completed.

• Demand aggregation

Demand aggregation feature further helps government departments to explore and compare more buyers for procuring the desired goods based on lowest price with same technical product specifications. Further more with DA buyer can increase the volume during or after the completion of bidding or RA.

• Less Approval

With primary and secondary users facility under buyer GeM registration, government officials do not require approval every time placing an order from the GeM portal.

• Paying through PFMS

Payment to be made by PAO from PFMS inside 2 days of receipt of bill from DDO (limit for payments: 10 days from date of age of CRAC).

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Restoring the joy of GeM.... by Gem Guru-CLIQUE

In just a short span of time Government eMarketplace (GeM) has 40000+ buyers, 1470000+ products/ services provided by 290000+ sellers/ service providers onboard with an total executed Order well more than 26.7 Lac + with a ₹ 37,313 crore + valuation of business in just 3 + years. But just a strange that, only 3% of registered sellers were part of this mammoth business volume in one stroke. Same opportunity were been given for all business entities listed at GeM, but we experienced that 97% seller has started doing business at GeM but within 3 or 4 months of registering at GeM they become “Ship has sailed” situation. Analyzing the statistics, we have come to the conclusion that the reason of this failure can easily be co-related with lack of product knowledge, technical expertise or know-how & also inability to provide competitive pricing due to lack of marketing skills from the GeM Seller's/ Service provider's end.

We at CLIQUE with its' expertise market tested knowledge in dealing Government Tenders/e-Tenders and e-Commerce is providing Consultancy Services for Government eMarketplace (GeM) to fill up this lack of product knowledge & technical expertise/ know-how & also showing the way to provide competitive price for the products, seller's wish to sell at GeM but been never successful. By having our guidance, you can surely Win the Market that you wished to win & can enjoy the extra earning that you deserved & covering up the time you have lost.