Clique Home Computer Repair

Home Computer Repair

Home Windows / Mac PC Repair Service

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When your Home Windows / Mac PC bites the dust, & you don’t have the access to your Personal Documents / Pictures & Internet, it can be extremely stressful. At CLIQUE, we are dedicated in providing on-site & remote home computer (Both MAC & Windows Variant) Repair Services. We can determine the most efficient & cost-effective solution to get your computer restored in working order. We can clean your PC to make it virus-free, as well as optimize it’s performance to make it run like a new.

Laptop / MacBook Repair Service

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Worried to have a Broken / Faulty Screen or Bad Power jack in your Laptop or a broken MacBook Pro Screen ? No more worry, CLIQUE can FIX-n-REPAIR any Laptop problem. As an experienced Laptop repairing specialist for Apple, Sony, Dell, Asus, HP, Lenovo we fix all types of damaged screens, Bad Main Board & Power Jacks, Battery/Adapter. So whether your Laptop is cracked or even your MacBook simply doesn’t turn on, CLIQUE can Collect, Fix & Deliver it back at unbeatable price & within blink of an eye.

Tablet / Mobile Repair Service

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If you have a faulty Tablet, iPad, or E-Reader, CLIQUE can be the best to provide you reliable & affordable repair services, Plus we can collect your tablet free of charge & deliver it back to your door steps once got repaired. Our expert Team is trained to fix any tablet on the market (includes iPads, Acer, Samsung, Sony, Google, BlackBerry & many more mobile tablet devices). Whether you need us to fix a broken charging port, broken screen, or even a broken camera, your tablet is safe with us to make it work as good as new.