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 Managed Services – Unique service plans for Maintenance and Support

Left unmonitored, your network and computers will inevitably fail, leaving employees idle and impacting your ability to do business—costing thousands through the loss of productivity, revenue, or your image. This Holds Good for both at your office at your home. With Managed Services from Clique, we can take corrective action before the problem occurs, or before you even notice it. We call this proactive monitoring and repairing Service.

Fact 1 -
Small and Medium Businesses report an average of over 50 hours of lost productivity per employee per year due to IT problems.

Fact 2 -
93% of IT problems can be proactively addressed via remote administration before they turn into performance problems, downtime, and loss of data or security breaches.

Fact 3 -
Routine Maintenance consumes a large portion of your IT budget be it in the form of money that you pay to your internal IT staff and the time he/she spends on fixing everyday computer problems. Rarely is such maintenance done proactively resulting in more money and time to fix issues that should never have occurred.

Your business depends on your network’s availability, performance, and security—and your software is business-critical. The five most common IT frustrations for businesses:

  1. E-mail/Work Order delivery systems down
  2. Client database unavailable
  3. Spyware and unauthorized access issues
  4. Banned software (games and file-sharing) monopolizing resources
  5. Predictable hardware failures

Against of all these odds We will constantly check and maintain the following:

  • Update virus definitions
  • Security flaws
  • Install and update your systems and servers
  • Clean and defrag slow computers
  • Connect printers and scanners
  • Add new employees to the network, configure their station set up their email, so that they are ready to work
  • Check your backup and consult where in areas of concern
  • Upgrade patches
  • Spam & virus control
  • Stream-line network performance
  • Exchange server & email optimization
  • Maintain & optimize routers/switches
  • Upgrades/new hardware & software install

Clique’s Unique Customer Commitment Program- Benefits to you include:

  • Significant decrease in downtime
  • Improved network and hardware performance
  • Lower costs and increased efficiency via resource reallocation
  • Protection against security breaches
  • Increased employee productivity by automating routine administrative functions
  • Reduced hourly rate for services
  • Priority scheduling
  • Free phone help desk support
  • Access to online eTicket service/support request with tracking
  • Reporting to our customers so you see the benefit

How It Works:

Unique Customer Commitment Program:

Clique Authorized Agents gives frequent and productive and periodic visits to every desktop and server that will be managed by us. Our Engineers Constantly Monitor Analyze and troubleshoot problems, onsite and or remotely basis with Maximum Priority Levels. With Clique’s Unique Customer Commitment Program you don’t have to worry whether your desktops, servers and remote laptops are protected from Viruses, Spyware or Trojans or not. We even ensure Regular Windows updates are applied correctly and on time to protect you. At the heart of your company, Windows server, our managed services software will provide the proactive data needed to keep your business ahead of potential problems or server outages.

Our commitment to you…….

Try us out for a month. If you are not happy, you are free to cancel the Contracted Service. There are no long term commitments. We are affordable, reliable and insured so you know at all times, you dealing with a team of professionals. Our proactive approach to managing computer networks will free-up capital that you can spend on GROWING your business, not fixing it. Call us for a free 1 month Managed Services network assessment and monitoring solution today. You can reach us at +91 9830417683/00

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • A complete solution that is designed to reduce any server down time with the use of a specialized back up system with or without Neetwork.
  • Allows near real-time backups-as frequent as every 15 minutes.
  • Offers offsite storage at an affordable cost
  • Provides a low cost, speedy disaster recovery process.
  • Data is encrypted so it is not accessible to anyone, either on the NAS or at the remote storage facility without the passkey.
  • Eliminates the cost and time of managing on-site tape backup. We monitor and manage the entire process.
  • All costs-frequent on site backups, on site virtual server, remote storage, disaster recovery in the event of disaster and 24×7 management of the entire process are bundled at a price that is comparable to the overall cost of buying and managing tape backup.

Networking Solutions

Whether you have an existing network or are planning to move to a networked environment, Clique can help you. We troubleshoot those tough network connection problems and fix the issue so it won’t happen again. Our years of network design experience and extensive training gives Clique the tools to help your business succeed.