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IT Security Service Government Sector

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Government IT security strategy is transforming in order to keep up with increasingly sophisticated & persistent threats. To meet these demands CLIQUE, as per the guidelines of CERT-In & NIC, helps government agencies to balance resources & cyber security goals by providing integrated, consolidated, & automated IT security operations to reduce cost while providing the visibility & intelligence necessary for better situational awareness & response activities for both applications & web platforms.

IT Security Service Public Sector

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Today’s security threats are more sophisticated than ever. Just placing a UTM / Firewall device & Reacting to intrusions is no longer enough to keep your mission critical systems, data & assets secure. With more than 8 years of countrywide service to public sector organizations, CLIQUE connects the science & technology of cyber security with industry-leading services, products, & solutions that enable a real-time optimized IT security architecture. So you can safely & more efficiently take advantage of the latest technologies.

IT Consulting Service & Cloud Solution

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If you have a faulty Tablet, iPad, or E-Reader, CLIQUE can be the best to provide you reliable & affordable repair services, Plus we can collect your tablet free of charge & deliver it back to your door steps once got repaired. Our expert Team is trained to fix any tablet on the market (includes iPads,  Acer, Samsung, Sony, Google, BlackBerry & many more mobile tablet devices). Whether you need us to fix a broken charging port, broken screen, or even a broken camera, your tablet is safe with us to make it work as good as new.